4BDS: A 21st Century School Intro

For my 4B studio, we were asked to design a 21st century school. 

In the 21st century, the emphasis is learning the tools and the skills for remaking the content, delivered in a way that amplifies curiosity, inspires creativity, and sustains a questing disposition.

We were asked to think about the project for a gamer's perspective in particular on how games explore agency, discovery and play itself. We were then asked on cosmology on our origins, purpose and meaning. 

In my partnership with Soohyun Park (also from 4B), we decided to work on a topic that is school and yet can be anything else - a therapy program. As we research different education modes proposed by different people, we started to deep questioning the true meaning of education and the limitations of education in our current society. As of my personal interest, integrating all least regarded minority groups together to heal one another is the best representation of my education theory. I believe education does not only pass from textbooks or from words of distinguished teachers; we all at one point in our lives realizes how important other people influences us. That influence can be a way of teaching and that we are constantly learning from one another. Based on this observation, we decided to make this informal learning to become our beloved education system to have the society understand the power of individual, not trained specific individual, but anyone.   

So we pulled out Seniors, who we think are most knowledgeable as they experience their lives; Orphans, who are in constant struggle of society denial or self denial; Prisoners, who are often badly treated in prison and not able to properly repent during their time in prison; and last but not least, sheltered animals, who needs the most care and warm heart to bring them back to the society and become adoptable. 

These four groups, so distinctly different, and yet all lonely deep down, are now being kept in a school where they would help each other to learn and succeeded. 

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